What is This Site All About?



The focus of this section is interior decor that makes your house look good and feel comfortable but remains functional and affordable. We all would like to have a beautiful house that is a welcoming place to come home to and entertain in…your home should be the place that you escape to when you need to relax, that energizes you before going out to an event or that provides a comfortable place for you to host your own events. However, many of us have limited budgets to spend on decor, and also need to share this space with pets, children, spouses or roommates…and if you enjoy entertaining, as I do, someone will inevitably knock over a glass of red wine on the carpet or drop a rib covered in bar-b-q sauce on your sofa…so being easy to clean is a priority. The goal of this section is to provide ideas on how to have it all…create your comfortable yet functional sanctuary without blowing the budget.



When the weather is nice, nothing is more relaxing than spending time with friends on the deck or patio surrounded by a beautiful garden. Whether you have a large yard or just enough room for some pots, plants always add a calming influence. Although, perhaps I should specifically say “living” plants…dead plants have quite the opposite effect, and should be avoided at all costs, which brings us to the goal of this section of the site: To give examples of beautiful and relatively easy-to-maintain gardens and exteriors so that you can take full advantage of the relaxing effects of nature with less risk of dead-plant negativity invading your space.


Once you have created a welcoming interior and/or zen garden space, you might want to celebrate by sharing it with some friends and family. This section of the site is all about how to create an inviting atmosphere for a party, whether it be holiday-related, a special event or just a get-together. Every event can benefit from some decorating ideas to help carry out the theme.



The final piece of a comfortable home is what you eat and drink. Finding recipes that you and your family enjoy and that don’t take a lot of time to prepare is the key to success. The goal of this section is to provide food and drink ideas that you can use for both your social events and your day-to-day meals.